The Conference Assistance Programme has been designed to ensure that the necessary levels of support, both financial and technical, are available to maximise New Zealand's chances of mounting a successful international bid.


The Conference Assistance Programme is professionally managed and we aim to ensure that any funds allocated to bidders are solely for the purpose of maximising the chances of a successful bid.

An evaluation model has been developed to assess each application for Conference Assistance and it is imperative that when you fill out the application form, all questions are answered to the best of your ability. By doing this, you will ensure a speedy response to your request for support, and in most instances we will be able to give you an indication of the levels of support that you can expect within fourteen working days of receipt of your fully completed application.

What we are looking for?

We are looking to back winners, and the more information you can provide on your application, the better chance you will have of a successful outcome. The evaluation takes into consideration the following areas:

  1.  Size and duration of conference - numbers attending, pre and post touring activity
  2. Delegate demographics - how much will they spend while in New Zealand?
  3. Type of conference - topics covered, possibilities relating to knowledge transfer
  4. Alignment with New Zealand core values
  5. Chance of success - who are we up against, what lobbying has been done to date?
  6. Timing of conference - what month, off season preferred, i.e. April - Sept.
  7. Media publicity generated internationally by the conference
  8. Availability of supporting information and data relating to previous conferences - enables a realistic economic evaluation to be made
  9. Other key factors surrounding the conference that will have a positive effect on New Zealand - knowledge transfer, cultural or other spin offs

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