Impact and legacy

Maximise the impact of your conference and leave a legacy beyond convention


Tourism New Zealand understands that the information shared and decisions taken at conferences can make a real and meaningful difference for communities.  

Setting and measuring impact goals ensures international conferences work as a catalyst for positive social change – social, cultural, economic, and environmental.

Our Conference Impact Aotearoa programme​ supports conference organisers to: 

  • validate your organisation’s purpose and demonstrate its impact  
  • enhance the strategic focus of your conference  
  • put long-term, measurable outcomes at the core of your conference activity 
  • broaden the appeal of your organisation and build its networks 
  • make a real, positive, difference - locally and globally 


The Process

Societal need or issue > Stakeholder engagement > Goal setting > Strategy and implementation > Impact goal  


Tourism New Zealand’s Business Events team can assist conference organisers with:  

  • An introduction to the Conference Impact Aotearoa programme  
  • Goal setting, framework, and timeline formulation  
  • Assistance with measuring metrics and reporting outcomes  


Are you interested in incorporating Conference Impact Aotearoa into your next international conference?

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