Seek out the New Zealand that suits you. Our country has amazing incentive activities to satisfy any desire. 

Whether its adding something delicious to the itinerary for food and wine connoisseurs, turning up the tempo with a team bungy jump, or providing a memorable Māori cultural concert, there are exciting experiences to meet your objectives.

New Zealand’s professional, friendly tourism operators and spectacular natural environment make it easy to pack a lot into your programme. 

Be inspired by these itinerary ideas and tailor your ideal incentive trip.

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Top 13 incentive experiences in New Zealand

A New Zealand incentive can open your team’s eyes to amazing new experiences. With inspiration around every corner, we’ve chosen the top thirteen experiences to ‘wow’ your best performers and strengthen your team’s bonds.

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Eat your way around New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its incredible food; from the freshest produce, to delicious dairy, seafood and meat, world-famous wines and a growing range of acclaimed craft beers. Turn up the heat on your next incentive by adding these unique foodie experiences to the programme and enjoy a real taste of New Zealand.

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Experience our unique Māori culture

New Zealand’s indigenous Māori culture is unique and fascinating, with a strong emphasis on hospitality and respect for the natural environment. Incentive visitors can gain an authentic insight into the country and its people with a Māori cultural experience.  

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Get the adrenaline pumping

As one of the world’s premier thrill-seeking destinations, New Zealand offers a wide range of action-packed activities, from heli-skiing, to whitewater rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, scuba diving, skydiving and off-road 4WD safaris, many close to its main centres.

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Feeling good and doing good in New Zealand

New Zealand’s beautiful natural surroundings offer the perfect backdrop to relax and recharge – and excellent opportunities to give back and ensure it stays that way. Tiaki is an initiative to help all travellers to New Zealand care for people, place and culture, for now and for future generations. 

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Top hole - New Zealand's best golf experiences

New Zealand sits high on the leaderboard of destinations for golf enthusiasts. Its mix of wide-open spaces, varied terrain and picturesque scenery provide the perfect ingredients for memorable and challenging golf.

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Wildlife adventures

New Zealand is home to an array of amazing, native species. The iconic tuatara is only found here, along with other endangered amphibians and reptiles. Off the coast, spy some of New Zealand’s wonderful marine mammals, including playful dolphins, sleepy seals, beautiful orca, and giant sperm whales.

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