Key Sectors of Expertise

New Zealand is world-renowned as an innovator, a small nation with a big reputation for ground-breaking research, creative ideas, and cutting-edge technology.

‘Kiwi ingenuity’ is evident in the way it harnesses the power of its land and enhances the produce it grows with science and technology. It designs and manufactures award-winning yachts and launches rockets into orbit. New Zealand’s tech sector and medical researchers are making products and discoveries that improve the way we live.

Bringing a conference or business event to New Zealand opens opportunities to connect with local experts and share knowledge with thought leaders in key industries.

Our areas of expertise

High value manufacturing

Kiwi rockets are taking to the skies. Kiwi yachts rule the waves. New Zealand has carved a reputation for high-tech design and manufacturing with its science and technical expertise, engineering skills, and materials innovations. Key areas of strength include: aviation, marine, space, energy, healthcare, food and beverage, and bio-processing technology.

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Information and communications technology

New Zealand’s fast-growing tech sector is creating leading digital content, software, and devices that touch every industry. Success stories range from award-winning digital effects, AR/VR prowess, and AI avatars, to world-famous games. Innovations include cloud-based accounting software, 3D geological modelling, and top cyber security solutions.

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New Zealand’s global reputation as a beautiful, safe, and friendly destination ensure tourism is a leading driver of economic growth. It boasts stunning landscapes, unique Māori culture, and a range of amazing activities and adventure sports, but is also known for adopting innovative initiatives to deliver a sustainable, responsible, tourism industry.

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The products of New Zealand’s farms, forestry and fisheries are the lifeblood of the country’s economy. The country’s natural advantages – temperate climate, high rainfall, fertile land and low population density – combine with expertise and productivity-enhancing science and technology in one of the world’s most efficient primary industry economies.

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Earth sciences

New Zealanders are skilled at understanding and harnessing the country’s  dynamic geology and caring for its natural resources. Specialist knowledge ranges from geothermal expertise and renewable energy sources, to natural hazard mitigation and building design, environmental management and conservation, to Antarctic and climate change research.

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Health sciences

New Zealand’s thriving Health IT sector is making world-leading advances in electronic medical records, mHealth and eMedicines. Strong biological and medical science sectors combine with technology to drive the development of innovative medical devices, while a world-class research network is making discoveries in areas from cancer to biomechanics.

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High value food and wine

New Zealand optimises its natural growing conditions with expertise, safety and sustainability to produce top quality foods and beverages, including world-famous dairy, meat, seafood, fresh produce and wine. The country is also a leading proponent in food technology, the development of future foods, and agri-food research, from fruit genetics to nutraceuticals.

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Leonie Ashford

Leonie Ashford

Business Events Bid Manager

New Zealand


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