The benefits of hosting in New Zealand

  • Opportunities for attendees to network
  • Knowledge sharing and educational opportunities
  • Increased recognition for your organisation
  • Financial gain from a well-attended and successful event

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When Tourism New Zealand can help

TNZ's Conference Assistance Programme (CAP) is available to any internationally-affiliated association or organisation that wants to bid to host an international conference in New Zealand. Any organisation's bid must include  a minimum of 200 international delegates to be eligible for this programme.

The Conference Assistance Programme can assist with:

  • financial feasibility study of the conference
  • The costs presenting your bid, including international travel
  • Attractive documents and presentations to set your bid apart
  • Marketing strategies designed to improve your chances of winning your bid
  • Materials, Youtube movies and marketing collateral of New Zealand

Conference Assistance Programme application form

If your association could benefit from the Conference Assistance Programme, please contact Leonie Ashford or get started by completing the online CAP application form.

View CAP Application Form