The southern city of Dunedin is known for its heritage architecture and proximity to some of New Zealand’s best wildlife experiences.

A walk through the city centre reveals exquisite examples of Victorian and Edwardian architecture, while a visit to the nearby Otago Peninsula offers the chance to see seals, dolphins, penguins and majestic albatross in their natural environment.
Dunedin is also a bustling student town and home to the University of Otago – one of New Zealand’s oldest and most desirable study locations. The university attracts thousands of students and dozens of world class academics from around the globe, giving the city an enlightened and cultured vibe.

Key facts about Dunedin

  •   Population: 126,000 people
  •   30 km Airport → City
  •   Accommodation 2,100 rooms
  •   Venues 2,300 people

Climate & Weather



AVG High

20 C° / 68


11 C° / 51



AVG High

13 C° /55


4 C° / 39


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Leonie Ashford

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Dunedin Attractions

  • Penguins


    The Otago Peninsula is home to breeding areas for the Little Blue Penguin and the rare Yellow-eyed Penguin.

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  • Heritage attractions

    Heritage attractions

    Dunedin is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s best preserved Edwardian and Victorian cities, full of gothic-style architecture and heritage attractions.

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  • Cycling & Mountain Biking

    Cycling & Mountain Biking

    Dunedin is a fantastic city for cycling, offering a compact layout, great mountain biking tracks and great views from the peaks.

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  • Gardens


    Known by some as the eco-capital of New Zealand, this region is home to passionate green fingers who tend to a number of spectacular gardens.

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  • Shopping in Dunedin

    Shopping in Dunedin

    Explore Dunedin’s eclectic shopping offering, all set among some of New Zealand’s finest Edwardian and Victorian architecture.

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  • Nature & wildlife

    Nature & wildlife

    You'll experience fascinating wildlife and untouched natural wonders in Dunedin.

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