Are you looking for assistance in planning an international conference event that inspires and entertains? Tourism New Zealand is here to help.

Our dedicated Business Events team is passionate about making every conference a success. We offer personalised advice, bid assistance and marketing resources that can help you to attract and host a successful international conference.

Hosting an international conference is an opportunity to bring the world’s thought leaders to New Zealand while showcasing our expertise on a global stage. Benefits of hosting a conference in New Zealand include:
  • Sharing knowledge and research with leading international colleagues
  • Opportunities to network and forge new links for business and collaboration
  • Increased recognition and profile-building for you and your organisation
  • Financial gain from a well-attended and successful event


Bidding Support

The Conference Assistance Programme (CAP) is available to any association or organisation, including universities, that wants to bid to host an international conference in New Zealand with a minimum of 200 international delegates.

The Conference Assistance Programme can assist with:

  •  A financial feasibility study carried out by a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) to ascertain the real cost and revenue potential of your conference 
  • Production of a world-class bid document and presentation, sure to set your proposal apart from the rest
  • Funding to cover the cost of presenting your bid to the International Committee, including international travel and accommodation
  • Marketing and lobbying strategies designed to increase your chances of winning the bid

How to access this support

If you would like to hear more about the funding and support Tourism New Zealand can provide, please contact our dedicated Business Events team, or get started by completing our online CAP application form. 


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