New Zealand’s global reputation as a beautiful, safe, and friendly destination ensure tourism is a leading driver of economic growth. New Zealand’s tourism sector is in its strongest ever growth cycle. Increased air access and infrastructure investment has made it the country's largest export earner, overtaking dairy in 2015/16.

New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty, range of amazing activities and adventure sports, unique Māori culture and warm welcome - manaakitanga - provide a good platform for growth, while the work being done building upon these competitive advantages to create a sustainable, responsible, tourism industry is attracting international attention.

Sector Highlights

Natural environment and sustainability

New Zealand’s spectacular natural scenery is world-renowned, and a compelling reason why international visitors choose to visit. Around one–third of New Zealand is public conservation land, incorporating 14 National Parks which are home to many of its most treasured natural attractions.
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More than 4,500 businesses, including guided activities, ski fields, bungy jumping and transport services, operate on public conservation land, ensuring a need for responsible tourism.

Tourism New Zealand is a major player behind the Tiaki Promise - a set of guiding principles showing visitors how to contribute to preserving and protecting New Zealand while travelling safely and conscientiously.

Maori culture and innovation

Māori culture gives New Zealand a distinct identity on the global stage, but Māori involvement in New Zealand life goes far beyond the haka (war dance) a visitor may encounter on a traditional cultural experience.
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With an asset base worth over $50bn, Māori are rapid risers in the wider New Zealand economy and are frequent pioneers and innovators of new and better technologies and methods - whether that be in commercial areas like fisheries, tourism or food; or in education and health, where they have developed their own models and methods of delivery that are improving outcomes.

“Increasingly Māori are taking centre-stage in business events and conferences, not just in the performance of cultural protocols, but as business pioneers and innovators who bring fresh thinking and provide inspiration and provocation, based on values and principles handed down through generations.” Karl Wixon, Partner & Creative Director,  ARAHIA Pathfinders


Sports adventure tourism

New Zealand has gained a reputation as a haven for adrenaline junkies, and for good reason: its landscape lends itself to mountain biking, whitewater rafting, surfing, caving, scuba diving, bungy jumping, horse riding, heliskiing - the list continues.
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Tourism New Zealand research showed 1 in 2 international holiday tourists did some form of adventure tourism while in New Zealand; 1 in 3 did some form of extreme adventure tourism. For the country that invented the jetboat and launched the first commercial bungy jumping operation in 1988, there are two major elements at play - inspired innovation, and stringent safety standards.



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