New Zealand’s innovative nature has it redefining the frontiers of technology. The technology sector is New Zealand’s fastest growing sector, and the country’s third largest export earner behind dairy and tourism.

Supported by New Zealand’s universities and research facilities, technology touches every other major market segment - from agriculture, to financial services, health, to design, whether it be digital content, software, or devices. New Zealand success stories include world-leading games and animation; innovative cloud-based accounting software; 3D geological modelling solutions for the mining, hydrogeology and geothermal industries; and software solutions for protecting companies and countries from threat, crime and corruption.


Sector Highlights

Cyber security

New Zealand’s leading work in cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics is putting it on the global IT map. The six-year, $12.2 million Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Trust and User-centric Services in the Cloud (STRATUS) cyber security project is gathering international acclaim for its work in creating a suite of novel security tools, techniques and capabilities which return control of data to Cloud computing users.
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STRATUS taps into the knowledge of New Zealand’s leading Cloud security researchers and practitioners from the University of Waikato, University of Auckland, Unitec Institute of Technology and the Cloud Security Alliance.

“Our Computer Science department is internationally renowned. We have a very strong research group working in networking, data mining, and digital libraries. We are home to the first Cyber Security Lab in New Zealand and the country’s first postgraduate programme in Cyber Security. The Cyber Security Lab at the University of Waikato aims to be one of the top cyber security research programmes in the Asia Pacific region." Associate Professor Ryan Ko, Director of the NZ Institute for Security and Crime Science at Waikato University and STRATUS project leader

Digital and screen

New Zealand’s creative digital talents were first showcased internationally on the big screen, with Wellington’s ‘Wellywood’ behind blockbusters such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Avatar. New Zealand’s skills in visual effects now extend into animation and game design, as creators of games including Into the Dead, and Path of Exile.
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The virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) field is moving beyond entertainment, with immersive content such as 3D animation, holographic capture, 360° tours, and virtual training simulations finding applications in health, education, transport, energy, retail and architecture, with New Zealand at the forefront.

“New Zealand’s content creators have firmly embraced immersive technologies, creating experiences and solutions with passion and quality. In doing so, we are building a global export industry for our highly-engaging VR/AR screen content.” Michael Gregg, Chair, New Zealand AR/VR Association (NZVRARA)

Artificial intelligence

New Zealand’s fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) sector is making ripples internationally, with its technology applied in robotics, smart mobile systems and decision support systems. Auckland-based Soul Machines was selected as a 2018 Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, one of 61 early-stage companies from around the world pioneering new technologies.
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It uses artificial intelligence to create lifelike avatars that respond to human emotion, including Cora, an AI-powered ‘digital human’ created for UK bank NatWest. Fellow Auckland company FaceMe’s AI ‘digital assistants’ are now providing services in banking, telecommunications and government in New Zealand, Australia, the US and Europe.

“Activity and capability in New Zealand is really gathering momentum on all fronts as the country begins to apply AI and machine learning to technology exports. Some New Zealand companies are providing cutting-edge world-first products. We’re seeing incredible AI developments on a weekly basis and they are growing.” Ben Reid, Executive Director of the AI Forum


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