The products of New Zealand’s farms, forestry and fisheries are the lifeblood of the country’s economy. The country’s natural advantages – temperate climate, high rainfall, fertile land and low population density – combine with expertise in machinery, processing, and sustainability and productivity-enhancing science and technology to ensure one of the world’s most efficient primary industry economies.

New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays is the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting 133,588 visitors from 40 countries in 2017.

Sector highlights


New Zealand is recognised as a world leader in dairy, meat and wool production. Efficient all-grass farming systems, large-scale processing, exacting standards for food safety and animal welfare, and some 130 years’ experience in exporting quality goods drive the industry.
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Increasingly, cutting-edge genetics, herd improvement, genomics and pasture management technologies are also aiding farmers, backed by a core of local research and innovation. Artificial intelligence–assisted farming, fitbits for cows, and the use of satellite imaging to measure the length of grass in a paddock are some of the technologies driving the future of farming in New Zealand.

“Since the time of Professor Al Rae, one of the founders of modern animal breeding, New Zealand and Massey have been considered world leaders in the implementation of genetics. The congress provided an exciting opportunity to show the world’s top geneticists how well New Zealand breeders have used genetics to improve the production and health of animals and plants.” - Massey University Professor of Animal Science Hugh Blair


Agritech innovation

A strong agricultural research community and the ability to commercialise scientific research means New Zealand companies are responsible for many world-first innovations, from the electric fence to milk meters.
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An emphasis on efficient, cost-effective practices has produced innovation ranging from electric farmbikes to agricultural apps; the use of drones for precision agriculture; robotic crop harvesting; and the development of microbial bio-stimulants for plant growth and probiotics for animal growth.

“New Zealand has some amazing Agritech innovation that it is successfully exporting to the world. Lincoln Agritech, a Lincoln University company, has been exporting irrigation design software called IRRICAD since 1988. IRRICAD is sold in 85 countries and has been translated into eight languages. One of our distributors is the Israeli irrigation giant Netafim, the largest irrigation company in the world.” - Peter Barrowclough, CEO, Lincoln Agritech Ltd


Fisheries and aquaculture

New Zealand’s location in the bountiful Pacific Ocean ensures its reputation for some of the world's finest seafood. New Zealand controls the world's fourth largest ocean territory and is ranked among the best in the world for fisheries management. 
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Alongside New Zealand’s natural advantages, it is a world leader in marine science, research and development, driving innovation in environmental sustainability, food safety and value-added products – such as Precision Seafood Harvesting, revolutionary technology that does away with traditional trawl nets to allow fish to be landed alive and in perfect condition.

“A world-class fisheries management system, innovation in trawl and net technologies, effective mitigation of endangered species, and robust workplace and health and safety standards make the New Zealand industry a leader internationally. We are justifiably proud of the industry as it is today but remain determined to constantly evolve and improve.” - Seafood New Zealand chief executive Tim Pankhurst



New Zealand’s excellent growing conditions mean forestry is big business. Some 1.8 million hectares – 7 per cent – of New Zealand's land area is covered in sustainably managed exotic plantation forests, predominantly Pinus radiata.
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Almost 70 per cent of wood from plantation production forests is exported, with the sector hoping to increase export revenue through the development of high-value wood products.

Scion, New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute specialising in forestry, wood products, wood-derived materials, and other biomaterial sectors, plays a leading role in industry innovation, from the creation of bio-based products and bioenergy, to forestry management and climate change.


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