A trans-Tasman collaboration can boost your business event

Holding a trans-Tasman conference with your affiliated New Zealand association provides a range of benefits. Bringing together like-minded individuals in the same field creates communities that can solve industry problems, develop initiatives, undertake research projects, and create academic partnerships.

A conference covering both Australia and New Zealand will open opportunities to develop a trans-Tasman approach, from advocacy to policy, to strengthen your industry and ensure its sustainable future.

Working in partnership with Tourism New Zealand you will be equipped with: 

  • A detailed understanding of the various financial models that can be implemented to ensure financial feasibility and equality, including financial expectations and implications for both you and your counterpart
  • A pathway forward on key issues including sponsorship and exhibition, registration fees, currency, GST implications, and data and privacy concerns
  • Examples of MOUs/agreements that outline the considerations of a partnership model, plus the various programme models available to ensure delegates have a rewarding and enriching experience 
  • A Board paper to support a collaborative trans-Tasman conference, plus key marketing messages on the benefits that a trans-Tasman conference delivers to your members 
  • All that New Zealand has to offer to create a memorable conference experience for your members 


Why host a conference in New Zealand?

  • Leading knowledge

    The ability to tap into New Zealand’s leading knowledge hubs opens opportunities to connect with local experts, ensuring a conference that delivers value and impact.

  • Proven success

    New Zealand has shown it has the knowledge content and destination appeal to draw major conferences from around the globe. Read about some of our success stories so far.

  • World-class facilities

    New Zealand’s world-class facilities, stunning scenery and superb service deliver exceptional events and new, cutting-edge convention centres are opening opportunities for large-scale events. 

Strategic funding and support

Tourism New Zealand offers strategic funding and support to any Australian, Australasian, International association or organisation that wants to explore holding a conference in New Zealand with a minimum of 200 offshore delegates.

Support we can offer includes: 
  • Preparing a comprehensive budget and business case using a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO)
  • Production of a strategic proposal or presentation for your board or decision maker
  • Connection with New Zealand expertise
  • Coordination of site inspections


To enquire about having your business event in New Zealand please feel free to contact me.

Leonie Ashford

Leonie Ashford

Business Events Bid Manager

New Zealand