How to hold an Association Event that delivers
It’s an exciting, albeit challenging time for association professionals. New technology and venue options have empowered conference organisers like never before. At the same time, a new generation of attendees are demanding more from events, including unique experiences, healthy meeting spaces and ground-breaking content.

As ever, association budgets remain tight, meaning organisers must be nimble and creative and deliver more with less in what is arguably their most important initiative. The Art of Excelling at Association Events is packed full of research and advice from leaders, to help association professionals to ensure that they are creating an event that will engage, educate and provide networking opportunities for members.  

Download The Art of Excelling at Association Events and discover insights that will help to put you and your association one step ahead in organising events that inspire, educate and entertain. 

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Leonie Ashford

Leonie Ashford

Business Events Bid Manager

New Zealand